Using Medicare Supplement Plans 2021

Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021 are a national program that is for seniors who need extra medical coverage. What are the options that you can find with this new type of Medicare coverage? The first option is to receive coverage as a managed care plan. You choose which doctors and specialists you would like to use. […]

What Are the Different Types of Medicare Supplement Plans?

It is very important that you know what Medicare Supplement plans are and what they are not. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding these plans. Supplemental Medicare is a government program that is intended to help people with out-of-pocket costs for the most basic of medical needs. This can include prescription medications, hospital stays, […]

What Are Medicare Advantage Plans?

The Medicare Advantage plans 2020 found on are not part of Medicare – there are various other programs that have been set up to help seniors. They are the Federal Employee Plans (FEPP), State Supplemental Medical Programs (SSM), and the State Medicaid programs. There are certain criteria that is necessary for these plans to be […]